Oxygen Phone Manager II


Manage and customize your Nokia Mobile Phone


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Do you have a Nokia Mobile Phone? If yes, continue reading because this software is really interesting if you want to customize your mobile.

Oxygen Phone Manager II lets your PC and Nokia mobile phone communicate with each other using infrared, Bluetooth, DLR-3 cable, DAU-9P compatible cable in FBUS mode and DKU-5 (Pop-Port) cable.

For sure that you watch hundreds of ads offering you screensavers, photos, ringtones, games and more for your mobile, but they have a failure: the price. Now and thanks to Oxygen Phone Manager, you will be able to copy whatever you want in your mobile phone for free.

You can load, edit, and rewrite your phonebook, import data from MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, upload screensaver, wallpapers, ringtones, games, CSV files and export the phonebook back to MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, CSV and other popular formats.

Give live to your mobile phone, it’s time for customization.

Trial version allows writing only 1 entry (of each category) per session, disables restore phone feature, writing to calendar, gallery and MMS Manager, adds &34;watermark&34; text in SMS and suppress their deletion.

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